About Nevada

Vacationing in Nevada? Get the info you need.

General Tips Have a safe and enjoyable time during your Nevada vacation with these tips and tricks.

Drink water to stay alive.
The heat in places like Las Vegas can be potentially unhealthy for the elderly and very young. The climate is so dry you don’t even know you’re sweating. For more information visit the Southern Nevada Health District web site.

Dress casually.
Short pants are acceptable in most places. Almost no one in Nevada wears a tie or a jacket. Casual attire is acceptable in most places. Check with the restaurant or location before visiting for any special requirements. Learn which Las Vegas restaurants require elegant attire.

Be careful
The Nevada countryside is beautiful but can be treacherous.
Dress with good shoes, bring a cell phone, always carry lots of water, and let someone know you are going hiking or venturing out into the desert.

Getting Around Nevada Nevada has an endless number of roads. These include paved highways, gravel roads, and backcountry trails, each one leads to an adventure.

Reno-Tahoe International Airport and McCarran International Airport are the largest airports in Nevada, serving multiple destinations. Boulder City, North Las Vegas and Elko are smaller, regional airports with limited service. Las Vegas to Reno is the only nonstop flight instate, with many daily options.

Greyhound and Megabus have service around Nevada. Greyhound Bus offers service to Las Vegas from Southern California for under $20.

Car Rental
Most car rental agencies have rental desks in or around the airports at each island.

Taxis and Uber
There are numerous taxi companies in Nevada.

Uber is available in both Las Vegas and Reno.

Attractions & Wildlife Nevada has some of the best attractions in the world.

Nevada is rich in wildlife. There are many kind of mammals such as antelope, gophers, sheep, goats, deer, squirrels, bobcats, mountain lions, and more. There is also a rich treasure of reptiles including many type of snakes, including the famous desert rattlesnake, desert tortoise, sidewinder and banded gila monster. There are also a large number of beautiful bird species which include our nation’s bird, the bald eagle, peregrine falcons, hawks, owls, and the beautiful mountain bluebird.

You might not think of beaches when you think of Nevada but there are many wonderful beaches along the shores of Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, Walker Lake, Washoe Lake, Angel Lake, and of course the man-made Lake Mead.

It surprises many people to learn that Nevada has a large number of lakes, most of them natural. Two large lakes include the beautiful Lake Tahoe, home to several of Nevada’s State Parks and Lake Mead, created when the Hoover Dam was built. Fishing is legal with a state fishing license.

Try your luck! Gambling is legal throughout the State of Nevada for people 21 and over. The casinos and betting parlors offer games of chance of all types. Gamble responsibly. Many of the casinos offer family-friendly adventures, rides and shops. The food is also wonderful at the many buffets offered by the casinos around Las Vegas and Reno.

Foods of Nevada Rattlesnake is about the only authentic Nevada food.

Since most people aren’t up for eating lizards and rattlesnake, or even wild hare, the native foods of Nevada or quite limited. Luckily, casinos and hotels have developed their own Nevadan cuisine.

The Buffet
A way to entice gamblers to casinos, buffets became more extravagant to compete with one another. Today, Nevada hotels and casinos boast some of the most amazing buffets in the World.

Thai Food
You wouldn’t expect a desert location like Las Vegas to be home to some of the finest Thai restaurants in the country. Las Vegas and Reno literally have hundreds of Thai restaurants.

Shrimp Cocktail
The invention of the shrimp cocktail is credited to Italo Gheli, an Italian-American from San Fransisco who bought the Golden Gate Casino in 1955. It was his idea to serve cold prawns in a tulip sundae glass.

The Golden Gate hotel-casino introduced the shrimp cocktail in 1959 for the low-price of only fifty cents. This is where the price stayed until 1991, where it now still only costs $2.99.

Basque Food
The Basque people migrated to Nevada during the gold rush from a region in Europe located between France and Spain. Basque migrants came from both South America and Europe to work the mines. People love to do what they do best and soon sheep farming replaced mining as their principle occupation. Most of those migrants have moved to more fertile pastures but they left their imprint in the way of food.

Basque restaurants can be found throughout Nevada, specifically Las Vegas and Elko, which is home to the annual Basque festival. Enjoy chateaubriand, a thick steak cooked between two thin-cut steaks. The thin-cut steaks are fed to (kitchen staff?) before serving the final cut of rare, center-cut steak.

Nevada History


Nevada’s harsh but rich environment shaped its history and culture. Before 1858, small Mormon settlements along the border of Utah sustained their communities through faith, but the secular western section stumbled along until the great silver strikes beginning in 1858 created boom towns and fabulous fortunes.

After the beginning of the 20th century, profits declined while Progressive reformers sought to curb rampaging capitalism and its attendant miseries. They imagined a civilized Nevada of universities, lofty idealism, and social reform. But an economic bust during the 1910s and disillusionment from failures at social reform and a population decline of nearly one-fourth meant that by 1920 Nevada had degenerated into a “beautiful desert of buried hopes.”

The boom returned when big time gambling arrived in 1931, and with good transportation (especially to California metropolitan areas), the nation’s easiest divorce laws, and a speculative get-rich-quick spirit, Nevada had a boom-and-bust economy that was mostly boom until the worldwide financial crisis of 2008 revealed extravagant speculation in housing and casinos on an epic scale.

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