Nevada is rich in wildlife. There are many kind of mammals such as sheep, goats, deer, squirrels and more. There is also a rich treasure of reptiles including many type of snakes, including the famous desert rattlesnake. There are also a large number of beautiful bird species which include our nation's bird, the bald eagle.


It surprises many people to learn that Nevada has a large number of lakes, most of them natural. Two large lakes include the beautiful Lake Tahoe, home to several of Nevada's State Parks and Lake Mead, created when the Hoover Dam was built. Fishing is legal with a state fishing license.


Try your luck! Gambling is legal throughout the State of Nevada for people 21 and over. The casinos and betting parlors offer games of chance of all types. Gamble responsibly. Many of the casinos offer family-friendly adventures, rides and shops. The food is also wonderful at the many buffets offered by the casinos around Las Vegas and Reno.