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About Franko Travel

Franko Travel is building a tour site that is to travel what OpenTable® is to restaurants‎.

Franko Maps has been in business for nearly two decades providing maps and guides to some of the most exciting travel destinations on Earth. Each map or guide is like having a small travel book on a single page. We depend on local knowledge to provide you with the best travel information. We now take that knowledge and make it possible to book tours right from the web. No more waiting in line or looking for sales people on the street.

Real-Time Inventory

Through the magic of the Internet, it is now possible to book tours just as you might a hotel room or a restaurant reservation. Booking tours is now simple and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online Travel Desk

Franko Travel is better than any hotel travel desk, offering tours at the best prices over a wide geographic area. Book your travel tours in advance for all your travels. What can you do when your hotel travel desk is unmanned? You can break out your smartphone and visit Our website is completely mobile-ready. Book a Franko recommended tour safely and easily using our advanced booking system. Then go relax!