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You might not think of beaches when you think of Nevada but there are many wonderful beaches along the shores of Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, Walker Lake, Washoe Lake, Angel Lake, and of course the man-made Lake Mead.


I know your first thought was the Las Vegas Strip. But Nevada has a rich population of wild animals, reptiles and birds. There are antelope, deer, sheep, goats, gophers, mountain lions and bobcats, rabbits and squirrels. There are also many reptiles including the desert tortoise, rattle snake, sidewinder and banded gila monster. Birds include peregrine falcons, hawks, owls, bald eagles and the beautiful mountain bluebird.

General Tips

Drink Water to stay alive.

The heat in places like Las Vegas can be potentially unhealthy for the elderly and very young. The climate is so dry you don't even know you're sweating. For more information visit the Southern Nevada Health District web site

Dress Casually. Short pants are acceptable in most places.

Almost no one in Nevada wears a tie or a jacket. Casual attire is acceptible in most places. Check with the restaurant or location before visiting for any special requirements. Here is a page listing Las Vegas restaurants requiring elegant attire.

Be Careful The Nevada countryside is beautiful but can be treacherous.

Dress with good shoes, bring a cell phone, always carry lots of water, and let someone know you are going hiking or venturing out into the desert.