Hoover Dam

Ocean Life

On the islands of Yap you will find SCUBA diving, culture and manta rays. On Pohnpei there is surfing, archaeological sites, snorkeling waterfalls and SCUBA diving. On Kosrae, in addition to SCUBA diving you will find an excellent honeymoon location, surfing and fishing.


There are many birds unique to Micronesia. There is a mammal unique to several islands known as the flying fox.

Unique reptiles include the Pohnpei Skink, the Mortlock Forest Gecko, the Ulithi Blindsnake and the Ant Atoll Blindsnake. The Giant Saw-scaled Gecko may also be endemic.

Traveling to Micronesia

No Passport Required for US passport holders.

Valid passport, sufficient funds and proof of onward travel are sufficient to grant entry for 30 days. Under the amended Compact of Free Association, US citizens need only valid passport for entry. Continental Airlines is currently the only US airline that flies to the Federated States of Micronesia.