Hawaiian Beach


The beaches in Hawaii are known by their color. There are white sand, black sand and green sand beaches, each with their own special experience. White sand beaches can be found on all the Hawaiian islands where the Big Island is known for its black sand and green sand beaches. The black and green sand beaches are created by the wave action on volcanic rock.


The wildlife in Hawaii has been brought to the islands over the years by visitors trying to survive. The ancient Hawaiians brought pigs. Cows were brought over by explorers in the 19th century. Rats deserting ships found a home without predators. When the Hawaiian government decided to get rid of them they introduced the mongoose, which famously got along with the rat population. You will see mongoose darting from place to place. As cute as they are it's best to leave them alone.

General Tips

Wear sunscreen for a more enjoyable vacation.

The sun in the tropics can be brutal. Wearing sunscreen is advisable if you plan to spend the day at the beach. Cover yourself when you are not actually swimming. Some people also wear a shirt when swimming for protection from the sun. It's also a good idea to wear a hat when hiking or hanging out in the sun.

Dress Casually. Aloha-wear is acceptable in most places.

Almost no one in Hawaii wears a tie or a jacket. Casual aloha attire is acceptible in most places. Check with the restaurant or location before visiting for any special requirements.

Relax. Life is slower in the islands.

Don't expect things to move quite as fast as they do in other urban areas where you may live. Life in the islands moves at "Hawaiian Time". Enjoy the pace of living and let it fill your spirit.

Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace. - Paul Theroux